You gotta stay true to your roots. I'm layin' it down for my hometown!

"Daisy Dukes" just hit all online stores all across this great land. Y'all make sure to down load it. It's a country booty Shaker that's for sure.


Chad Mac was born and Raised in Augusta Ga with the dream of always being a country artist. He made music on the weekends with his friends every chance he got. 
"Music runs thru my blood....always has always will!" -Chad Mac
As time moved on lots of things changed in his life including music. Growing up meeting lots of different people he found his self around all kinds of different styles of music. With his grass roots being country and the love of all the other music he grew up listening to with friends such as Rock, hip-hop, blues and EDM he felt lost without knowing which direction to take In music because he loved all of them.
"I feel Like a damn music mutt!" -Chad Mac
He was forced for a long time to choose a style because everyone said the genres couldn't mix. It was unheard of to mix country with rock, blues and hip-hop.
"Well guess what....WE DID IT!" -